Thursday, February 23, 2012

It seems like forever since the last time I posted on my own blog!  Things have been kind of hectic since the second semester started.  I hold classes from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am-8 pm! Then there are papers to check, grades to compute, lessons to prepare. It does not leave much time for blogging.  

However, just this Monday I opened my old email account again and found that it has been swamped with messages from blogs that I subscribe to.  I started reading blogs again and joining giveaways. (Don't know how long this will last!)  I miss the fun of going through the blogs and looking at these beautiful pictures and reading what the blogger has to say about them.  

BTW, I am glad the school gave me Literature classes (Philippine Literature and World Literature) this semester.  It's always a wonderful experience to pick out stories/poems/essays from books and share these stories/poems/essays to my students.  

For this grading period, the students and I read the Literature of Africa.  We rode on the words of authors as they took as to the time when the Africa struggled with the Slave Trade and the civil war.  Then there were the Apartheid and Negritude Movements.  It was also a journey to the past with the Philippine Literature classes.  

One more month and it's vacation time!

Hope all my friends in the blogosphere are doing well!


Gwynneth White said...

Welcome back. you have a beautiful blog and I hope to see much more of you.
Gwynneth White

Gwynneth White said...

Hi You have a beautiful blog and I am glad you have decided to start blogging again.
Gwynneth White

Chady said...

Oh, those epic rides in our imagination. Thank you so much mam <3

Fellow Rover said...

Thank you Gwynneth! Will visit your blog soon. I miss reading some!

You're welcome, Chaddy. Sometimes we need more experience behind us to really appreciate these stories. Keep reading, man. <3